You Can Still Market Your Business on a Limited Budget

You Can Still Market Your Business on a Limited Budget

Studies have found that the biggest challenge for businesses when it comes to marketing is having a tight budget. But, with our help and advice, you can still market your business in London on a limited budget.

Giveaway Free Samples

This is a great option to broaden your customers, as well as allowing them to try the product out so they will have confidence with it in the future. This can include free samples in a supermarket, gifts at the train station or beauty demonstrations in store. If you need a UK product sampling expert, visit this website.

Guerilla Marketing

If you’re a small business, Guerilla marketing can compete well with larger companies. Guerilla marketing is when a business promotes a product in an unconventional way on a low budget. This type of marketing requires creative knowledge and innovation.

Start to Socialise with your Customers on Social Media

Almost all of the UK adult population uses social media, making it a great place to connect with customers and build a relationship. The most popular channels include Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. So, create an account on these platforms and start communicating. See more information.

Use the Media

There is no such thing as bad press. There are various ways of getting featured in the media and this will help towards your free marketing. You will also be recognised for doing good.

Try these tasks to get noticed:

  • Come up with a crazy publicity stunt
  • Do something for the community
  • Sponsor an event
  • Nominate yourself for a business award

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